Better Kettlebell Swings

L-Sit Swings for Better Kettlebell Swings
One of the best workouts involving the online cec certification that target and tone your abs and triceps like no other is the L-sit. This is an insanely intense workout and a move that is often performed by seasoned gymnasts. And when done with kettlebells, the workout transforms into one killer movement that will leave your breathless yet highly satisfied for a workout well accomplished. It is therefore important that you learn all about the L-sit during your kettlebell courses.

What is the L-sit

The L-sit is one of those workouts that look deceptively simple yet can be extremely stressful when tried for the first time. It is a simple movement where you sit on the ground with legs outstretched in front and palms resting on the ground on either side of your body. You then lift your butt to a certain height above the ground by the strength on your arms. So basically, in the final position you body is resting solely on your palms.

L-sits are best practiced on parallettes that look like miniature parallel bars that gymnasts use. You can even use push-bars, kettlebells or even just a pair of benches. All you have to remember is that the height of the equipment you use should be the same as you are able to lift yourself off the ground.

Benefits of L-sit

The L-sit definitely works wonders on your arms and the muscles of your abs. If you want muscular arms with chiselled abs you should definitely practise the L-sit. Apart from strengthening your arms and toning your abs, L-sits also improve functional strength in the core area and make your legs stronger and more firm. The movement also improves your grip, triggers lateral activation and improves core driven hinging.

L-sits with Kettlebells

Many institutes teach L-sits with kettlebells as part of their practical kettlebell courses. This is a unique movement in the sense that it is just the opposite of the kettlebell swing movement. Both movements engage similar mechanics but are performed in different places on motion.


In kettlebell swings, the power is provided by the forward and upward thrust of the hips whereas in L-sit swings, your lats are engaged to pull the kettlebell down into the ground while engaging the core for a powerful impact.

Safety Tips

The L-sit kettlebell swing certainly puts great stress on your entire body. kettlebell courses always emphasize that it is best for trainers to avoid offering this workout to clients who have just started exercising with kettlebells.

Remember that kettlebells are uniquely shaped with off-balance weight and it extremely difficult to keep them stable. Clients should first master the technique of handling and maneouvering the kettlebells correctly before trying to do L-sit swings on them.

Secondly, you should definitely have strong shoulders and arms so as to support your body safely. Along with this, good lat control is also essential to keep the body stable while doing L-sit swings with wobbly kettlebells. Losing your balance even for a second can lead to grievous injuries so do not try this on beginners. See more at the Girevoy training course in Australia!