Bulgarian Bag Instructors Tips For Keeping The Weight Off

If you are planning to go on a holiday during your workout break, best to seek advice from Bulgarian bag trainers on how to watch your weight even while on vacation.

Select holiday locations that are especially renowned for offering excellent outdoor activities such as water sports, biking or hiking trails, tennis, golf, kayaking, jogging and so forth.

Such holidays really offer you the best of both worlds!

You can enjoy your vacation while at the same time participate in activities that provide your body with an excellent workout.

Hydro bag exercises are the fastest way to shape up! A hydro bag is essentially a Bulgarian bag, but, filled with water.

bulgarian bag

Food can be a huge issue during vacation time as few restaurants offer options for weight watchers.

Never mind; you can certainly control fat gain by controlling portions and selecting to eat just what you want. Opt for fresh fruits and whole grains, limit intake of crème and desert and select healthy snacks.

If possible, carry your own protein bar and stock of dried fruits and nuts to munch on instead of burgers and fried food.

While at the Office 
The office is another place where you are susceptible to weight gain, especially when you have taken a sabbatical from regular training. If you are sitting at your desk throughout the day, chances are you are just piling on the kilos slowly but surely.

Start your day with a healthy wholesome breakfast so that you don’t succumb to mid-morning hunger pangs later in the day.

Carry fruits or healthy snacks in case you do need to eat something. Follow the diet plan provided by Bulgarian bag fitness trainers and carry the low fat home cooked food for lunch.

Use every opportunity to exercise your muscles. Climb stairs, perform a Bulgarian bag spin instead of depending on the elevator and walk around the office every hour or so to get some movement.

If you can’t take your Bulgarian bag with you on holiday, sand is a great way to train. Sandbag training is an excellent full body workout and will get the heart pumping like nothing else!