Common Physical Injuries That Can Get Better With Boot Camp Exercises

Gone are the days when sitting at home the whole day on your bed was supposed to be the best type of body recovery plan. Loads of new medical and fitness science research proves that a physical training can result in far better medical outcomes than sole reliance on medication.

The dynamic rehabilitation plan

The dynamic rehabilitation plan comprises of a well thought out diet plan with recovery exercises done at Bondi workouts that slowly boost the strength of muscles. There is a lot of focus on rebuilding muscle strength as well as helping the injured area heal by therapy. The key logic behind this process is that the supporting muscles around the injured area have to grow strong in order to prevent strain to the injured area. And this according to fitness experts is only possible through the wise selection of exercises.

Healing injuries to the ACL

Because of the wider hips that women typically possess there is a lot of strain exerted on the knees and the back area. The joints and ligaments are also under a lot of stress which predisposes women to exercise injury. A study showed that women athletes are 6 times more prone to ACL injury than their male counterparts. The recovery routine suggested is almost always exercises that are responsible for strengthening the legs and the glutes.

Bondi workouts

What happens after tissue injury?

When a group of tissues is injured after an accident, the fibers disrupt from each other. The muscles, tendons and ligaments are affected badly and some capillaries might have broken. A lot of blood and serum then seeps into the surrounding tissues which lead to discoloration and swelling.

If the injury is severe the area becomes tender and swollen and this is called localized trauma. The immediate symptoms are inflammation, tendinitis and bursitis. If there is deep tissue injury then boot camp trainers advise against aggravating the area in any way. Its best to do light stretches and twists without causing any kind of contact with the injured area.

You must be thinking that why is complete rest not advisable after tissue injury? Trainers from Bondi workouts say the logic is that the immune system is suppressed when the body goes into complete rest. This is why injuries take longer to heal. As and when you do light exercise, blood circulation increases and the affected area gets healed faster.

Using the RICE method

Rest, ice, compression and elevation are the four words that constitute the abbreviation RICE. This method is the best recommended way of healing after a deep tissue injury. Rest allows minimal movement of injured body area and ice deadens the sensation of pain. Compression allows a light pressure to be exerted on the body part and minimizes leakage of blood. Elevation is responsible for fluid dissemination from the injured area and helps in fast healing.

Personal trainers working at Bondi workouts recommend light exercise and protein filled diet along with the RICE method to heal injuries.