How I Started Power Bag Training

The first time I got interviewed, one of the very first questions asked was “How did you start Dangerously Fit power bag Training?” It’s a great question because honestly, I didn’t know what most people believe to be the beginning and how this impacts they way we look at ‘power bag training’ and our Dangerously Fit power bags so differently than almost anyone else.Power Bags

I started power bagging in 2009 when my best friend Josh introduced me to it as an exercise he had been doing for over 15 years with his dad who is also named Dan just like him.

I think the most interesting part about Dangerously Fit power bag Training is that we still don’t know how it started. What I can tell you though, is what it means to me and why this form of training will always be different than almost anything else out there on power bags.

The first time someone ever asked me “how did you start Dangerously Fit?” was when a reporter from The Wall Street Journal interviewed my dad for some story they were doing online-I believe in 2010 or 2011. It was one of those questions where I really couldn’t answer because honestly, neither could he at the time!

When I started to read about old time strength training, it was like the stars aligned. These lifters back in the day used all sorts of objects from bars and dumbbells to bricks and medicine balls for their workouts because they didn’t have any science or research behind them yet but when you dig into these books you find that there is a lot of truth hidden within those pages! That’s why at my facility we use anything possible under 200 pounds including power bags, kettle bells, water jugs as well as our ever reliable barbells so if your looking for an effective way without having access to fancy equipment “Like what Arnold Schwarzenegger would’ve done.”

I was very happy running my personal training facility for a few years when I had the inspiration to try and add some new things into my clients’ and even myself, so we can have more fun with our workouts. After reading about these old-time lifters who didn’t have any of today’s science behind their strength training but still saw great value in using all sorts of different objects like stools or ropes on themselves as well as others around them to build up stability, core strength, balance–all those kinds of good qualities that’ll make you feel better than ever before!

Out of all those odd objects discussed power bags seemed to be the most challenging and versatile by their descriptions as well as the most realistic for a gym owner like myself. So, I decided to do what many others had done before me: get some duffel bags, old bin bags, sand, and heaps of duct tape.

I wanted something that would work in any situation so after reading about various types of equipment including kettlebells and medicine balls; it became clear just how interesting these devices are! Out of all those strange items discussed one stood out from among them: Sand Bags – they seem to provide both an intriguing challenge on top being very versatile with regards to use cases which made them highly appealing given my current circumstances.