Keep in Mind when Exercising at a Marks Park Boot Camp

If you are a new mom then this must be one of the most blissful periods of your life when you are constantly lost in the pleasures that your little angel has brought into your life. However the mere fact that you are reading this article means that you are concerned about losing some of that amazingly stubborn post delivery fat. For fat loss and fitness training, boot camp Marks Park is highly recommended. However it does help to keep in mind some specific points.

boot camp

boot camp

When not to join a bootcamp?

Do not join a bootcamp or any other structured exercise programme if you just had caesarean delivery. Remember that because of the operative procedure, women who undergo the c section need more than twice the time normal women take to heal post a natural delivery. It’s very essential not to stress yourself in any way when your stitches have not healed.

What you can do is to practice arm and shoulder exercises at home post your delivery. Similarly if you have had a complicated delivery and the doctor has advised you bed rest then don’t even think of disobeying him.